Autocash Pawnbrokers are an Adelaide based pawn shop with over 15 years experience in pawning trucks. We lend against all vehicle makes and models and know what your truck is worth so we can offer you the best deal. If you are looking for an instant cash loan, pawning your truck is a safe secure way of borrowing money, with No Credit Checks needed and funds within the hour in most cases.

What kind of Trucks do you lend against?

Autocash pawnbrokers lend against trucks of any year, make or model as long as the vehicle is Unencumbered and currently registered with no major damage or defect.

What do I need to Bring when pawning my Truck?

To get a secured loan against you car you will need;

  • Current drivers licence
  • Current registration papers
  • Unencumbered vehicle

How do I know how much my truck is worth?

  • You can call Autocash pawnbrokers on 08 8352 3122
  • Visit our Adelaide pawn shop at 131 Holbrooks road, Underdale
  • Apply for a cash loan against you truck on our website

One of our cash loan experts will be able to give you an estimate on the value of you vehicle.

Do I have to borrow a certain amount?

Autocash truck pawnbrokers don’t have a minimum loan amount and are happy to lend you just what you need.

Do we only have a pawn shop in Adelaide?

Yes, our Adelaide pawnshop is located less than 5 minutes from the Adelaide CBD on 131 Holbrooks road Underdale.

Can I loan against my truck that is paid off?

Most definitely, Autocash pawnbrokers specialise in vehicle title loans and would be happy to help. For an instant quote call Autocash Adelaide pawnbroker on 08 8352 3122 or apply online

Can I pawn an unregistered truck?

We can’t lend on unregistered trucks but we can help you to get it registered so you can get a cash loan with us. To see if we can help with your loan call 08 8352 3122.

Where is my truck kept for the duration of the loan?

Your truck will be stored in our secure storage facility at 131 holbrooks road Underdale, just 5 minutes from the Adelaide CBD. Our pawn shop is fenced off, alarmed and has CCTV which is monitored 24hrs a day, so your pride and joy is safe with us.

What areas do you have mobile lenders?

Our mobile cash loan lenders can come to you and inspect your care in the same day. We operate in the following areas: Adelaide CBD, Port Adelaide, Findon, Underdale, Fulham, Woodville and West Croydon.

For other areas please call us on 08 8352 3122 to arrange a cash loan consultation.

More Information

Autocash pawn loan period is one calendar month and at the end of the month you can extend the loan by paying the interest. There is not a minimum or maximum loan period so you’re welcome to redeem your loan at any time.

Our interest rates are from 15% – 25% per month depending on the type of vehicle and amount being borrowed. We do not charge anything but the interest so no application fees, late fees or storage fees.

Example: If you were to borrow $500 your redemption cost at the end of one month would be $625.

Autocash have been in business for over 15 years and have a very good reputation in the industry for being professional, discrete and putting our clients first.

We are a short term lending service so if you are looking for a long term loan we most likely aren’t suited to you as our rates are based on short term lending our APR is from 180% per annum.

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