Autocash pawn shop specialise in the pawnbroking of automotive products. Our cash loans are an alternate method of borrowing money from the bank or using credit cards, our service is perfect for people with bad credit. Autocash pawnbroker don’t have any need to look at credit ratings or credit scores to provide you with an instant cash loan.

Why choose Autocash over alternate money borrowing methods?

  • Autocash provide secure loans against you car, which means you can borrow money against the car you own already, allowing you access to the funds tied up in you asset.
  • Autocash has very competitive short term lending rates.
  • Autocash don’t charge any hidden fees whatsoever. The only cost you pay is the interest against the money you’ve borrowed.
  • No setup fees. No storage fees. No late fees. No hidden costs.
  • Your Item is stored on site and is able to be collected during business hours without notice.
  • Unlike our competeitors we have an on site storage facility, which means your car is safe with us and you know your car is where you parked it.


How do I pawn my car for a cash loan?

Pawning your car is a very simple and transparent method of borrowing money.

  • Fist step is to call Autocash pawn shop on 08 8352 3122 or apply online.
  • Autocash pawn shop’s staff will asses your item and give you an estimated cash loan amount ( many pawn shops will not offer over the phone estimations)
  • Bring in your vehicle to our Adelaide based store to be approved for the new pawn
  • Autocash pawnbrokers will pay you in cash on the spot
  • Repay you cash loan and collect you vehicle 


How much cash can I loan against my car?

Pawnbrokers purely work off the value of the item to work out how much cash you can borrow on your car. To get the best cash loan offer its advisable to.

  • Bring any service books for the vehicle
  • Receipts of work done to the vehicle 
  • Have vehicle in a clean and tidy manner


How much will my cash loan cost me?

Autocash unlike other pawn shops only charge interest on what has been borrowed.

For example if your cash loan is for 

$1000 you will have to repay $1250 in a month’s time.

At the end of the month if you don’t have the full amount to pick up the vehicle you can just pay the cash loan’s interest of $250 and your loan will renewed for another month. You can do this for as long as you need.


How long will it take to get the money?

Pawning your car is a very fast and straight forward process which will generally take between 20 – 30 mins for new customers and 5-10 mins for existing customers.

If you visit our Adelaide pawn shop between 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday the process is generally even quicker. We can provide you a cash loan against your car, bike, boat or trailer on the spot.


Will applying affect my credit at all?


The best thing about pawn shops is they are fast, descrete, safe and have no bearing on your credit rating. No other lender will be able to know if you have borrowed money from us, which is very useful when trying to buy a house.


Can I pay back my cash loan early?

Autocash doesn’t operate like that. At our pawn shop we don’t penalise you for early repayment we praise you by offering discount incentives such as.

-If your loan is redeemed within the first 7 days of the loan period you will receive a discount of 20% off the interest amount.

-If your loan is redeemed within the first 14 days of the loan period you will receive a discount of 10% off the interest amount.

When borrowing money against you car you want to feel comfortable with the situation and know you car is safe and in good care, Autocash will provide this every time along with good discount incentives.


Pawn shops can be daunting to some people but we have spent over 15 years running this Adelaide based family business and have done our best to make each and every customer feel comfortable and welcome. Autocash lends cash against your Cars, Bikes, Boats, Jet skis, trucks and Machinery. Autocash vehicle pawn service is a quick and easy way to get a fast cash loan for your vehicle, even if you have bad credit.

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