What can I pawn with AUTOCASH?

Our pawn shop offers pawn loans on luxury items such as…

• Cars
• Motorbikes
• Jet skis
• Boats
• Trucks
• Farming and agricultural vehicles
• Trailers

What can't I pawn with AUTOCASH?

We do not accept…

• Rims
• Car audio equipment
• Car parts
• Damaged Vehicles
• Unregistered Vehicles
• Defected Vehicles
• Industrial equipment

How much will I get?

Each vehicle is assessed at market value by an industry appraiser.

Does the vehicle need to be registered?

The vehicle must be registered in your name.

Does the vehicle need to be free of hire purchase?

The vehicle must be fully paid for.

What are the loan terms and is there an option to extend?

Our loan term is 30 days, you can pay off the loan and pick up your property any time during the month. Equally you are able to pay the interest and extend the term of your loan for another month.

Where will the vehicle be stored?

Your vehicle will be stored on our secure premises.

How quickly can I access my funds?

In most cases within an hour.

How do I make the repayments?

Payments can be made by direct bank deposit or in person.

What happens if I don't pay off my loan on time?

At Autocash we work with you to ensure that your individual needs are met in a mutually agreeable manner.

If however, you decide that you no longer wish to repay the loan, just let us know and Autopawn will sell the vehicle to cover the amount.

Will defaulting on a loan from Autocash affect my credit rating?

No. Autocash, like most people in the world, is not a fan of credit agencies.

We do not report people to credit agencies. We also don’t hunt you down if you don’t pay us.

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