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All small business have their challenges and one of the biggest challenges is cash flow, In the peak months everything is great but most business have there are busy months and there slow months, and in the slow months some of you entrepreneurs need a injection of cash flow for bills, rent or even payroll and the last thing you need is it to jump through all the hoops of most finance companies. pawning or Asset based lending (Autocash) could be the best option for you, These are some of the benefits.

  • Asset loans Are incredibly fast, convenient, discrete and safe
  • Asset loans don’t require and credit checks
  • Some companies (Autocash) don’t charge any fees besides interest
  • As a small business owner you probably have a collection of assets that you can borrow against.
  • You don’t need to sell you assets to access the equity in them.

Asset loans or pawning are a safe and secure way of borrowing for example personal asset loans ( are one of the oldest ways to borrow money and the reason it has been around for so long is because it is straight forward and transparent.

  1. you bring your asset to a pawnbroker ( and based on its value your offered a loan
  2. if you go ahead with the loan, the asset is used as collateral until the loan is paid off
  3. once it has been paid back, you get you item back


Autocash provide a specialised asset lending service, we provide fast loans against

  • CARS

Autocash also specialise in unique and classic cars and motorbikes. we provide knowledgeable automotive experts that will look at your asset as a classic or unique item so you will get the best offer. autocash have lent against many classic cars over the years and we have learnt that to most owners these classics are peoples most prised possession. we take pride in making sure you car or motorbike feels safe and secure.



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