5 ways to make some fast cash

5 Ways to make some fast cash

The best way to make sure you have money when you need it is obviously to save, but you properly aren’t reading this post if you were in that situation so here are some ways to make sure you have that extra money when you need it.

  1. Scrap

cash for scrap Ok i know it sounds very odd to most people and depending on how much cash you need collecting cans, bottles, copper and steel is a way to get a bit of extra cash from things you properly have kicking about in your yard, if not websites such as gumtree can occasionally have old washing machines, fridges and plenty of out things that people just want it gone and will list for free. I know it sound weird but trust me sometimes you can have some good luck.




2. Sellingselling

selling things you no long need or use can be a fast way to make so quick cash, so if you have an old bike, phone or anything you no longer need just put it online and sell it. Gumtree is properly the best space for this as you can post these items for free.





3. Side jobs

Now a side job is a great way to make some extra cash, but it’s not for everyone and depending on your commitments you may not have the time.



4.cash loanFAST CASH LOANS

If your situation is that you just need some extra cash to tie you over to you next pay
check then getting a cash loan is a very quick and convenient way to do so, there are plenty of companies that do cash loans justmake sure you read the terms of your loan as typically online payday lenders are much more expensive than your traditional



5. Make something

if you are creative making a product ie jewellery, candles and other similar products can but very profitable online business through platforms such as Instagram.

These are five simple ways to get some extra money that will apply to almost anyone, if you like this post please like and share it, it will really help

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