How to use assets you already as security for a cash loan?

How to use assets you already own as security for a cash loan?


Pawnbroking has been around for approximately 3000 year and is
one of the worlds oldest trades.

Essentially pawnbroking is the act of using some thing of value that you own as security on a cash loan, these loans have their benefits and there disadvantages just like any loan, they are great for fast short term money when you need it the most the down side is the interest is higher than a standard bank loan so if you have the loan for a long period of time i can be expensive.

The way it works is you can bring in your item or apply on our website and one of our friendly staff will value your item. All our staff are up to date with current selling prices so you will alway get the best offer.

Once the offer is accepted you will receive the money borrowed in cash, our loans are for a period of 30 days in which you have the option of ether paying the interest which will extend the loan for a further 30 days or you can pay the interest plus the amount borrowed and pick up your item. At Autocash we have no other charges.

(some other stores may charge application fees, late fees or even storage fees so be aware of that before you borrow)

Once the loan Has been paid you can collect you item.

pawnbroking and asset loans have been looked at in a negative light in previous years because of certain stores not doing the right thing by there customers which is unfortunate, At Autocash we are firm believers that if you do the right thing by people and respect everyone equally you will receive that in return and we believe that is the key to our success in this business over the last 15 years.

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